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[2020 SISS] Applications and Admissions

Start an application

 A successful application to SISS takes preparation and research. We recommend planning your trip well ahead of the departure date. Start today by getting your application ready.

You are now invited to submit an application via the online portalhttps://www.wjx.cn/jq/51967089.aspx    

Please note while completing the online application, you may be expected to upload the following supplementary materials to support your application.

* Current CV

* Photocopy of your passport photo page

* Photocopy of your student ID from the home institution ( for current exchange students at SUFE, provide your SUFE ID)

*  Personal statement briefing your academic background, and explaining your goals for participating in the summer school

* Photocopy of your transcript of records ( not compulsory for current exchange students at SUFE )

* A letter of Approval from your home institution ( signed/stamped by your home institution programme coordinator, not compulsory for LCC Cambridge applicants) 

A template of letter of approval is downloadable on our website at: http://iecoenglish.shufe.edu.cn/_upload/article/files/1b/a2/e48545134444a1a0ba6a5cec68dc/6b39c3ed-474d-43cd-943a-b5d9ef681d6c.pdf    


 Admissions Procedure 

First Come, First Served

As your application will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis, earlier applications received through our portal deserve prioritized processing. Our Admissions Team shall get in touch regarding an acceptance decision made against your application record, within 2 weeks upon your submission of an application. 

Wait-listed Applicants 

Given the programme capacity and the expected demand for admission, which varies from year to year, late applicants automatically enter our waiting list once the programme spaces have been filled up. In case there are still vacant spaces opening up in the event that accepted applicants decline their offer of admission, we will be delighted to review and reconsider every wait-listed applicant who has opted to remain on our list till that point.

Admission of applicants from the waiting list typically does not occur until the middle of May at the earliest, and is concluded by June 1st.



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