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Why SISS is a great place for your summer



1 A taste of a top Chinese university
SISS will be held at the main campus of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE). The informative lectures will give students a better understanding of China, and campus life will help students to experience real student life in China.

2. Cultural Activities
Interesting and fun culture activities will be organized throughout the program. Activities will include a city tour, tea ceremony, karaoke party, dumpling cooking class, and others. Understanding the local culture is one of the key parts of this program and will let students have an opportunity to connect with the local life in China.

3. Company Visits
Company visits such as the Shanghai Stock Exchange, GM, Alibaba and Shanghai Free-Trade zone will be arranged during the program. It will give students a new perspective of how a Chinese business is run and the chance to meet with industry leaders to gain knowledge and expertise.

4. Weekend Trips
During the weekend, trips will be organized to a famous river town near Shanghai and the beautiful city of Hangzhou. Traveling is essential for experiencing the many sides of China, from the ancient courtyard villages to the fast-paced urban life.

5. International Friendship
Students from all over the world create a unique culture and social dynamic during SISS. Local Chinese students from SUFE will also join the program, presenting the opportunity for local connections and understanding.

6. Shanghai
There is so much to do and see in Shanghai, an international city with something for everyone. Walk along the river on the Bund, where historic European architecture faces the futuristic skyline of Pudong. For a glimpse back in time, visit the traditional Yuyuan gardens.



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