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Facts about SUFE, Shanghai and China


About SUFE
* Ranked number one finance school in China
* Graduates enjoy 4th highest pay among Chinese universities
* One of the first MBA/EMBA schools in China
Facts about Shanghai
* In Chinese, Shanghai means "on top of the sea”
* Shanghai has over 50,000 taxis, and the cost of a short ride is $3 to $5  
* Shanghai has 23 million people, three times bigger than New York City
* Shanghai’s local dialect is Shanghainese, which is very different from Mandarin

Facts about China
* China has 1.3 billion people and 47% of the population live in urban areas.
* The summit of Mt Everest marks the border between China and Nepal.
* Ice cream was invented in China around 2000BC. The first ice cream was soft milk and rice mixture packed in the snow.





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