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Information for Exchange Students

Welcome to the page for exchange students to Shanghai University of Finance & Economics.

You could check the information sheet below to know more about your study and life at SUFE in the near future. Wish you will enjoy the stay and study at SUFE.

1. Check on our Factsheet 2019-20 Incoming Exchange.pdf&Nomination Form SUFE-sample.xlsx for the following items you'll wish to consider before embarking on an overseas exchange:

 - Applications and Admissions

 - Contact Information

 - Semester Dates

 - Academics

 - Accommodation

 - Health Care & Insurance Plans


2. 2019-20上财接收交换生行前指导.pdf for students holding Chinese passport or identity document of Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan (Academic Year 2019-20) /2019-20學年秋季赴上海財經大學交換生申請指導(持中國護照或港澳台地區身份證件的交換生申請人適用)

3. Listing of modules of study-Fall.pdf

4.  Listing of modules of study-Spring.pdf

5. Modules of Study Booklet-Fall.pdf

6  Modules of Study Booklet-Spring.pdf

Please note:

 The above listing of modules is updated in 2016 and its availability is subject to change. Thus, if a course has a high enrollment that reaches the cap,or beomes no longer available due to on‐going changes which might be made to the teaching schedule (as will be announced prior to your arrivals ), it may not be possible to accommodate you, or you are encouraged to remain a bit flexible in your schedule planning.

 A wider range of in‐sessional Chinese language modules will also be available for those wishing to map a key idea in the Chinese Language. Assuming no prior knowledge of Chinese,layers of learning goals designated and set in these modules are tailored to a beginner's progressive needs. More details on selection of Chinese languague modules will follow upon your arrivals, specifically during an orientation session organized by Internatioal Cultural Exchange School (ICES) which will place you into the level of study as appropriate, as well as provide a valuable insight into the skills and expectations required to secure your success in these learning modules. More information about the modules of language study can be found on:http://ices.sufe.edu.cn/ENDetail.aspx?ID=1434&TypeID=112&WebID=25

* To start modules selection, please go to SUFE Academic Toolkit and follow the instructions which will be given in the welcome email upon acceptance.

Any queries on the modules of study can be directed to:
incoming@sufe.edu.cn .


7. Pre-departure practicalities
For more information on the visa procedures, commuting options and estimated costs, you may wish to refer to the following webpages: 
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