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Best Buddies Group

As a prospective international student exchanging to SUFE,

Are you ready to...

grapple with culture-shock and homesickness?

Are you gonna...

feel out of place at a new school completely different from your host uni?

Are you getting lost...

in learning a bizarre foreign language that mingles with slang and many dialects?

Will you be mad...

if lecturer talks fast but seemingly get the attention of the entire class except that of yours?

Are you eager to...

find out a truly world city of vibrancy, multiculturalism and modernity?

You happen to meet a SUFE event...

Would you like to know its culture and how to get involved?

This is a process of…

familiarization, adaption, motivation, enjoyment, and genuine intellectual excitement.

This is what awaits at Best Buddies Group.

One of the first things to strike international students exchanging to SUFE is intimate and interactive activities and the communities. The preliminary aim of a student community is to provide counseling for all new students, enrich their experiences and nurture their sense of collectivism; the newly-founded Best Buddies Group(hereinafter referred to as Buddies)is no exception.

At Buddies, we are committed to providing counseling services tailored to all international students’ business, we exist to expand and perfect our organization to plan new events, as well as promote the remarkable sense of community to profoundly be shared among all SUFE students in a truly unique environment-both at the campus and beyond.

Buddies is an invitation to international students to reconsider and interpret the role they play as an exchange student, likewise it is also an invitation to local students to gain greater appreciation for diversity and a new perspective of their cultures, business, societies and languages. In essence, Buddies is here to make students’ lives, in particular those of international students at SUFE more rewarding. We know that starting at an overseas university can be daunting, but also exciting. We''re here to give you reasons to be excited.

As planned, we are currently attempting to get in touch with our prospective buddies  exchanging  to SUFE the next semester. Do Email us at jupstudents@mail.shufe.edu.cn if you are the right one. As a member of Buddies, you will have a local student as your buddy who will help you integrate and make the most of your stay at SUFE.

We look forward, very much, to the prospect of welcoming you as a member of Buddies.

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